Unit 1: Multimedia & Other Web Links


Why Study History?

  • Peter Stearns, "Why Study History," AHA website. [LINK]
  • William McNeil, "Why Study History," AHA Website. [LINK]
  • Gabrielle Spiegel, "The Case for History and the Humanities," AHA website. [LINK]


  • Lectures by Russell Tarr on Historiography [LINK]
  • BBC Guide to Historioography-The Annales School of Thought. [LINK]
  • BBC Guide to Historiography-The Rankian School of Thought [LINK]

Curricular Controversies

  • Lynne Cheney & Alan Brinkley discuss the National Standards for History on Charlie Rose--Begin at 32:30. [LINK]
  • Gary Nash on the Standards Controversey Tens Years later. [LINK]
  • OAH 2007: Gary Nash on the Florida History Law. [LINK]