Unit 3: Multimedia & Other Web Links


Ordinary Colonists

  • "Native Americans and the American Revolution" [LINK]
  • List of Participants in Boston Tea Party [LINK]
  • Biography of George Hewes [LINK]
  • Shoemaker Document Packet [PDF]
  • Book Discussion of Alfred Young's bio of George Twelve Hewes [LINK]
  • North Carolina Regulators [LINK]
  • Paxton Boys [LINK]

The Run-Up the the Revolution

  • Colonial Tax Burdens [LINK]
  • The Economics of the British North American Colonies [LINK]
  • Georgian England at the British Library [LINK]
  • Imperial Wars Powerpoint [PPT]
  • Schoolhouse Rock, "No More Kings" [LINK]
  • Ignite Learning, "Tensions between the Colonists and British" [LINK]
  • British Library, "The American Revolution: A Historiographical Introduction" [LINK]
  • British Library, "Online Gallery of the American Revolution" [LINK ]
  • "Religion in Eighteenth Century America" from the Library of Congress [LINK]


  • Schoolhouse Rock, "We the People" [LINK]
  • Schoolhouse Rock, "I'm Just a Bill" [LINK]


  • Hamilton Rap [LINK]