Unit 6: Multimedia & Other Web Links


The South & Slavery

  • The Slave South powerpoint [LINK]
  • House Divided Digital Library [LINK]
  • Slavery in New York. [LINK]
  • Slavery at Jefferson's Monticello: The Paradox of Liberty [LINK]
  • Slavery in the Capital [LINK]
  • Slavery and the Making of America [LINK]
  • Slavery and Justice -- Brown University [LINK]
  • Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project [LINK]
  • Spread of Slavery [LINK]
  • Article on Eugene Genovese by Stephen Hahn [LINK]

Reform, Abolition, Anti-Slavery

  • Reform Powerpoint [LINK]
  • Varieties of Anti-Slavery [LINK]
  • Recovered Histories [LINK]
  • Conflict of Abolition and Slavery at the LOC [LINK]
  • The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center [LINK]

Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

  • Oregon Trail Game [LINK]

The Sectional Crisis

  • House Divided Website [LINK]
  • Dred Scott Case [LINK]
  • Key Excerpts from the Dred Scott Decision [LINK]
  • The Lincoln Douglas Debates at House Divided [LINK]
  • The Lincoln Douglas Debates at NPS [LINK]
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Excerpts [LINK]

The Civil War

  • North & South Compared [LINK]
  • Lincoln powerpoint [LINK]
  • Secession of Southern States [LINK]
  • Documents Relating to Union Occupation of New Orleans
    • Benjamin Butler [JPG]
    • General Orders, No. 28 (Butler's Woman's Order) [PDF]
    • Excerpt from Sarah Morgan Dawson, A Confederate Girl's Diary [PDF]
    • General Orders, No. 44 (G.T. Beauregard's Response) [LINK]
    • Excerpt from The Story of Mattie Jackson [PDF]
    • Harper's Magazine Cartoon (New Orleans before Butler's Proclamation -- After Butler's Proclamation) [LINK]
    • General Orders, No. 76 (Butler's Order of Allegiance) [PDF]
    • Butler Chamber Pot [JPG]
  • Lincoln quotations about slavery [LINK]
  • Lincoln on the Dred Scott Decision [LINK]
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer trailer [LINK]
  • Barack Obama on Lincoln [LINK]