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Unit 2--Contact & Colonization

Maps & Pictorial Charts/Graphs

Indigenous Tribes of North America, 1491

European Voyages of Discovery

Spanish Exploration

European Colonization of North America

European Settlement, 17th Century

European Colonization of North America, 17th Century

British Settlement, 1600-1750

Chesapeake Colonies

Population Growth of the Chesapeake

New England Colonies

Middle Colonies

Puritan Migration

New England Colonies

New England Colonies

English Migration, 1630-1640

Puritan Settlement of New England

Population Growth of the New England Colonies

Origins & Status of Migrants to the British Colonies

Ethnic Settlement Patterns, 1760

Colonial NE Town

Religious Settlement Patterns, British Colonies, 1760

Scots-Irish & German Settlement in the British Colonies

Settlement Patterns, British Colonies

Urban Population Growth

Wealth Distribution in Colonial America

Triangular Trade

Slaves Imported, 1701-1775


Atlantic Slave Trade

Slave Population, 1770




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