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Unit 5--A New Nation in Transformation

Maps, Images, & Pictorial Charts/Graphs

Regional Expansion Election of 1800 Louisiana Purchase War of 1812
Land Sales Transportation Networks Railroad Networks Communication Times
Erie Canal Bridge, Rochester Erie Canal Lock Erie Canal Lock Erie Canal Lock
Erie Canal Lock The Open Lock The Lock and Me  
Travel Time Settlement Patterns Population Density Urban Population
Spindles New England Population Factors Promoting Economic Growth New England Mill, 1793
Continental dollar Merchants and Planters Bank Postage currency P
Early NE Mill NE Mill Process Slater Mill Edgar Thompson Works
Sam Patch Leaps Sam Patch Leaps Higher Passaic Falls 2003 Passaic Falls
High Falls, Rochester High Falls, Rochester Me & the Falls Sam Patch Leaps 
Voting Qualifications, 1800 & 1830 Electoral College Vote, 1824 House of Representatives Presidential Vote, 1824 Electoral College Vote, 1828
King Andrew Elections 1820s, 1830s Panic of 1837 Party System
Log Cabin Campaign Hard Cider Political Parties New Nation Political Parties Antebellum

Charts & Outlines

  • Chart of differences between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans. [PDF]
  • Outline of 1800-1816. [PDF]
  • Political Parties--New Nation [PDF]
  • Political Parties--Antebellum [PDF]


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